vulcanizing, tire

Item specifics:

Manufacturer Part Number: BPT-7

Input voltage:110V/220V

Input power : 500W

Working pressure:  0.6Mpa

Temperature range :120-195℃

Repair area : 120x70mm²

Each piece G.W/N.W : 9.1kg/8.5kg

Each piece packing size :375x195x510 mm

Each unit G.W/N.W 8.3/9.2kg

Lower mold can be used on mass market cars tires, truck tires, premium car extra wide tyre and RSC.It can also repair the sidewall.


vulcanizing, tire

Its upper mold column and arm have been widening, strengthening, mold temperature can be adjusted as needed.


It adopts auto-constant-temperature,Air-operated press tightly, hand valve.


It features galvanical signal indication, short circuit protection,  working time setting or always working setting optionally. 


Be suitable for various type inner tubes, car outer tube, and tubeless tyres.

Tyre Repair Methods:

1. Clear surface of the wound which is going to be repaired on the wheel and make a mark.

2. Roughen surface of the wound with sander. The roughened area shall be rather larger than the wound. Internal side of the wound shall also be roughened if the

wounded area is larger than normal to make the wound penetrated, and steel wire shall be cut off if the wire is exposed.

3. Hot setting glue shall be smeared uniformly on the roughened area.

4. Make a piece of raw rubber with appropriate size and paste it on the wound. Raw rubber can be applied with cord or applied on both sides if the wounded area is larger than normal. (Note: when raw rubber is applied on both sides, the rubber shall fill the wounded area without air)

5. Press on pasted raw rubber with iron. It is recommended to put thin iron plate on raw rubber; try to keep the central area of the iron and the wound on the same vertical line, then fasten the screw rod to fix the tyre.

6. Connect the machine with power supply. The temperature is adjustable according to the needs.

7. It is required to take the tyre off machine after the temperature of tyre is cooled for a while.


1. Power supply must be disconnected when installing/uninstalling the tyre.

2. The upper and lower iron of the machine can be hot when being applied. Use the machine carefully to avoid scald.

3. If dirt is stuck on irons or mould after being used for a period, dirt is required to be roughened off with sand paper.

4. When temperature of irons cannot reach required heat while conducting repair, detection shall be done at following steps:

①Check connection between plug of irons and socket of the rack. Redo the plug if the connection is flexible.

②Check if there is burnout and rupture on fuses. Replace fuses if it is not available.

③Check if there is looseness and separation on timing switch. Press and fasten the switch, and then reopen the timing switch for trial.

vulcanizing, tire
vulcanizing, tire

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Lever Punch Tire Vulcanizing Vulcanizer Machine,Tire Repair Tools for Tire Sidewall

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